Globally apprenticeship training has been established as the best way to create a pool of skilled work force. Germany has three million apprentices; China has 20 million apprentices.India also has enormous potential to improve the availability of skilled manpower for various industry segments through apprenticeship. The Central Government has been taking several initiatives through which it aims of adding 5 million employable youth to the workforce by 2019-20.

The Central government is aware of the enormity of the challenge and has therefore launched a program through AICTE(All India Council for Technical Education). It is already popularly known as NEEM(National Employment Enhancement Mission). The objective is to develop a competent workforce which could take the country ahead in the industrial world. World popular concept of “On the job practical training” is the basis of this program targeting enhancement of employability among individuals who are pursuing graduation or have discontinued or completed a diploma or graduation in any technical or non-technical field.

Contribution and potential of in the space of employability training through its flagship Earn and Learn scheme was acknowledged by the Central government.Now Ministry of HRD has empanelled for NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission) Program. started in right earnest has launchedNational Employability Enhancement Scheme through Apprenticeship, popular as NEESA - NEEM Accredited.

In NEESA, apprentices get an opportunity to undergo 'on the job' training and are exposed to real working conditions, situations, and challenges. They get a chance to work on advanced machines and equipment facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, experience and desirable attitude which help them get a remunerative job or explore opportunities of self-employment.

  • Provide employability training to individuals between the age group of 18 to 35 years.
  • Industries can shape NEESA trainees as per their present and future requirements.
  • On the Job Training for two years.
  • The consolidated stipend to trainees at par with applicable statutory minimum wages of the unskilled category in respective states without any statutory deductions.
  • Complying with health, safety and welfare norms and guidelines.
  • Though the objective of the scheme is to develop employable youth, there is no obligation on the host industry to offer permanent employment at the end of NEESA-NEEM Accredited program.
  • Absenteeism and attrition will reduce as trainees will be under the control .
  • NEEM agent creates awareness among trainees on safety measures, so the possibility of accidents is less.
  • Highly focused and passionate candidates will give their contribution to the growth of the industry.
  • The industry will notice an increase in productivity with quality because of a motivated workforce.
  • The completion of an apprenticeship program results in highly trained professionals who can contribute noticeably to the industries’ bottom line and nsures a high level of quality production.
  • Provide ‘On the Job Training’ to students.
  • Pay stipend, education fees and incidental expenses of the students
  • Take care of trainees’ safety, health and welfare while at work-training.
  • Allow students to avail classroom training on the premises.
  • Periodic reviews and feedback to the trainee and so as to improve learning.
  • Mobilizes candidates from all over the country to join the program.
  • Pre-screens and selects students for suitability of program
  • Enroll the students with NEESA –NEEM Accredited program
  • Facilitate students’ efforts to cope up with new industrial culture.
  • Facilitate students to find and access necessities of life during their first-time-away-from-home experience.
  • Disburse stipend through banks and discharge other regulatory responsibilities of students.
  • Delivery of academic inputs of the program.
  • Help students appreciate the need of Discipline and imbibe the same.
  • Conduct regular review with students as well as representatives of the industry to ensure the best outcome of the program for students as well as industry.

Through NEESA, as a NEEM agent is dedicated towards employability enhancement, thus supporting OJT and training youths as per industry benchmark.

We as the preferred NEEM agent welcome interested students, and potential industries to contribute. Get benefitted from the NEESA-NEEM Accredited program for better India!